May 6, 2013

Back With The Vengeance

I've been long gone for some time now, and I've missed all of you. The reason for my absence is that I'm studying a lot for some college tests and since they're practically over I'm posting something new.

By now if you a regular visitor you've noticed that I've a new banner on the page, and that's not all that's new we also have a new blog design TA-DAH! 

It doesn't stop here, there's more I've got new posts coming (hmm "cumming" LOL), a women tab available soon and much more. 

But for now I'm just going to share a story with you guys. It's about a Women, 2 Guys and bad choices, it all began on the evening of May, 13, 2011, and as the day began ebb away, a young guy accidentally meets a girl that one day would change his life forever. They exchange some casual talk and become friends. Rapidly that friendship evolves and the guy can't hold his feelings in any more.

"But what is this feeling" He replied.

"Maybe it's confusion because he was not the type that fell in love maybe he didn't get it, or maybe something weird happened" A thought hovered over and over in his mind.

He didn't get it then but he was in trouble. "what had become of the strong guy who had no boundaries he weakened by his thoughts." 

"Who was this girl trying so hard to get in his life."

Why had he so many thoughts of her, petty questions for petty feelings and before he could explain his opinion, which is, (what the hell,) tension start to begin between him and her. But she does not make it easy for him, she pushes him away but stalks his emotions like a lioness (Argg..!) [Laughs] 

He minds he business for now. MAYBE SHE HAD A BOYFRIEND! Out of pure instinct he acts, he asks her for a chance, a "Date." 

"He wants to prove himself worthy to her but she lacks interest, she tells him nothing. MAYBE SHE'S NOT IN TOWN. Maybe something weird happened with his phone or maybe she doesn't care."

Truth is she tells him nothing (what a awkward moment, right?), he resumes his normal behavior around her you can almost see it in her eyes, she's a man eater, he doesn't know it yet all he can see is a goddess, divine and perfect to his eyes.

Time passes and a little bit of him dies every day it's his curiosity. It drives him, it gives him hope he has it all planned (guys do that, you know?), when he least expects it he receives a text from that so called girl, he doesn't want see her text but eventually does. She asks him various questions and at the end of it all tells him that she loves him and that she want to be with him. In a moment of happiness he forgets his thoughts and say he feels the same.

" What happens next. You will just have to wait for the next part of the story next Sunday.  In THE VENGEANCE part 2 "
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