Feb 22, 2013


You should learn from this wolf.
Viral wolf
Illustration by Rafaello Myles
It's 2 pm my mom is bothering me, I'm shirtless and really bored. I just found out that I'm not getting any closer to getting a sponsor from yesterday - I'm not surprised nor mad - what can I say I'm just that type of guy that just doesn't  care. Honestly who cares if someone doesn't like my page many will but I'll get to that later.

I'm really intrigued by  Suzy Menkes’ “The Circus of Fashion” she really went all out to bad talk us bloggers (not all bloggers like to act in a absurd way to get shots on street style blogs, Menkes), I'm pretty sure she got what she wanted the post went viral and even though the post is one week old people still hit the share button and that's the beauty of the viral effect it's beautiful but stupid.  

This week I was looking for the perfect post that could go viral and the truth is that it doesn't exist I thought of how it's so easy to share a selfie of your girlfriend and get a lot of shares and followers but I'm not that type of guy who does something reckless and stupid just to get the attention of people - plus I don't have a girlfriend - that's when I finally got it. You know that feeling when you thought you knew every thing there was to know about something and then someone proves you don't know anything about it. That's how I'm feeling right now, the fact is that if you are not viral in the blogging world you don't get big sponsors - all my strategic planing in vain, turns out "Viral" is the new trend - but how do you go viral in this crazy world I ask you?

Some people told me: change your attitude radically (Good or Bad), get aggressive, be different and so on. But the truth is what I really need is patience, I know I already said it in RAZÕES PARA NOS AMAR  and PORQUÊ SER UM BLOGEIRO AGRESSIVO  (use translator for both posts). But it's really hard being patience in the face of constant defeat, but it's as easy as my crazy friend says if you're at the edge of a cliff about to fall take a step backwards. Well I'm about to take that step backwards the thing is I need you (yeah you that's reading this) to keep reading my post and most importantly follow my blog so that I myself can go viral. But I'm not begging I'm just saying read my blog and if you like it follow.

But like all writers do not write with the same pen (how would Hemingway have felt if he were shepherded into a group among the likes of, say, E.L. James?), all bloggers do not type with the same keyboard.

And even if we did, it’s impossible to deny that the world is changing. Traditional fashion jobs are far and few. The truth is the world is changing and I'am not going to make lemonade if  God gives me some lemons 
the hunger and supply for editorship hasn't dwindled in spite of more unfortunate circumstances for the demand. In this game there is no right nor wrong despite what people say what people really want is acknowledgement and nothing more.

What makes something viral?

Something becomes viral once it causes the uncontrollable desire see and share on a person, therefore spreading like a virus.

I thought this was important to speak about, 
because it isn’t evenhanded to abate our influence but the question I ask you is: how can we really assume that we will call the respect we think we deserve if we don't know how to respect each other.

And Now, the Comments!
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