Feb 17, 2013


Rihana is the new Princess Diana - what you don't believe me - that's what was on the cover of  THE SUNDAY TIMES this Sunday (17). 

Why is Rihana the new Diana? Not since Diana rocketed from a shy, plump kindergarten aide to a lean, mean fashion machine has there been such a ravishingly seductive flirtation with the world press said The Sunday Times.

The Magazine continues saying that like Diana, Rihanna has worryingly drifted into using photo ops to send messages of allure, defiance, or revenge in a turbulent relationship with an errant partner. Rihanna, another victim of a festering romantic triangle, has bounced dizzyingly back and forth in her checkered affair with rapper Chris Brown, who was convicted of a felony in 2009 for abusing her - when they talked about Chris Brown they to far in my opinion.

The Magazine even made a comparison between a picture of the late Princess Diana looking wistful at the Taj Mahal and Rihanna on her balcony in Barbados, in turmoil over her relationship with Chris Brown - my thoughts when I saw this, indescribable.

Despite all that the problems Rihanna follows relevant in the music world and was featured on Saturday (16) of London Fashion Week, featuring a collection of carved and sensual feminine clothes, which showed its proposals for next spring-winter.

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