Feb 24, 2013


ph: Derick G

Why, why, why are women so complicated that's the big enigma, but if you've never understood a women it's probably because you're stupid or nervous. But if you do understand women - then dude you're gay - did  I get your attention?

I hope so.

The truth us the female mind is not so different then the male mind the problem is 3/5 men are just to stupid or to nervous to notice this, well I am not gay nor a expert yet but truth is I've been reading women's magazines, plus I've got many girl friends - not girlfriends just girl friends - and thou my them I've acquired vast knowledge regarding the female mind, and I'm going to tell you something, what turns a girl off is your creepiness let's be honest some guys can be really creepy - yeah you know what I'm talk about, the weird talk, the stupid pick up line, calling and texting her all the time - if you have one of this symptoms then you've cough a case of some creepy.

I you want her give her some space - even though most of my page views are from women I just had to write this - the truth is that most men are pray to women because mostly women are the the ones who seduce says Yves Chébran author of "The Manual of Seduction".

Believe me they don't need hitch to "hitch a guy" and the truth is I wasn't always this smart with women I got played by a girl that told me that she loved me only to end up telling me a few week later that she never loved anyone - that hurt not because she said she never loved anyone it hurt because I told her a few week ago from that day that I loved her and it was really awkward - we "talk" sometimes and legend has it she now has a crush on me.

What did I learn from that? I learned that women play men too and the truth is you'll never completely understand a women unless you're my type of guy or gay.

What is my type of guy you're asking your self. Well I'll tell you once I found out that women are players I went on a long journey from which I have not returned yet to genuinely know how and what women think, I read books, socialized with women and became the guy I am - boys and girls that's how the alluring lovelace is born.

In conclusion I don't think you're gay for understanding a women I think you're sensitive enough to notice and if you're still dubious let me teach you a French/Italian trick I picked up during my travels: sell her dream (this means tell her what she want to hear) this is what the French do or just do what the Italians do blame some someone else for getting to close to her (blame her for being to beautiful or just blame your ex. something some girls love the blame game) do what you must just don't act stupid.

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